Heavy equipment supplies

Capital solutions company is a leading company in the field of importing and renting heavy equipments of different types for all construction projects and companies in egypt. Equipment such as lifting equipment including forklifts, manlifts, scissor lifts, mobile and fixed cranes. We also import all equipment of civil works that is used in excavation, soil replacement and settling process including drillers, loaders and gliders. We are pioneers in power generation equipment, air compressors, wielding machines and power tools for short and long term rentals.

Logistics and transportation facilities

Capital Solutions owns a large fleet of modern transport vehicles of various types. The company started its operations in 2007 as a logistics and transport company in Damietta port with license No. 179 which enabled the company to provide the best services and solutions in the field of transportation and logistics.
The company provides all land transport services such as cargo, containers and transport of heavy equipment and devices such as turbines, vessels and generators used in major projects and provide appropriate insurance services for those precious goods.

Construction services

Capital solutions company is one of leading companies in the construction and contractors’ fields As the company provides all constructional and engineering services such as (mechanical, electrical, civil, electromechanics) solutions.
The company served as an executive company for a lot of massive projects during those past years in cooperation with international companies as the Korean company GSE&C in the Egyptian Refinery Company, Mostorod Project as a direct executive for a lot of works as (electricity, Sealing, drumming, painting and testing lines, fabrication) and manufacturing more than 8000 meters of temporary fence for commissioning areas and also, capital solutions company worked as an executive contractor for siemens and general electrical companies in a lot of energy and electrical stations in Egypt and as a contractor with ADES company in the petroleum projects of GUPCO company.
During the previous years the company proved her eligibility for all construction works and providing best engineering solutions for clients and providing fastest services in high quality and low coast with preserving a safe environment for all workers in all our projects.

Projects services supplies

Capital solutions company offer also to her clients the service of importing highs quality trained workers in different fields (civil, mechanical, electrical),
also the company offer heavy and light high quality tools that’s conforming to the standards of international safety for different projects, it also provide the service of importing different type of cranes and different scaffold types with a high quality trained team to do cranes work as the client request.

Projects supplies and procurements

Capital solutions company work in the field of general importing for industrial and constructional fields with materials from different types and it is considered one of leading companies in that field as providing high quality materials with good prices the company also provide informations about (the market, prices, materials, quality) without any extra cost.
That include all the mechanical tools such as piping, fitting, valves, steel, and hoses and all electrical materials as panels and connectors and all the special tools for constructional works and projects.